BGirlzWorld sprouted from an idea to create bonnets, but not just any bonnet. Bonnets that would address the woes of women and girls across the globe. We specifically wanted to create a bonnet that would be easy for the littlest of bonnet wearing girls to use. Thus, the brilliant idea of Bonnet Girlz was born.

However, as our process grew and ideas flourished, we quickly realized that bonnets were just the beginning. There was so much more that Bonnet Girlz could be. The skies were not the limit, and we decided that Bonnet Girlz could encourage and inspire one to reach beyond. After all, girls can be anything they want to be, so why not let girls ‘Be Girls’? That’s it! B Girlz! Now, not only does the “B” mean bonnets, but it means anything a girl can aspire to be. Anything she wants to feel, express, think, or create she can do, and she can B.

B Girlz are fun, creative, intelligent and unique. We represent girls all across the globe. We made sure of that. We want any girl from any walk of life to look at B Girlz and see themselves. Reminding them of how special each and every one of them are.

We put the same thought process into every product we carry. Our goal is to make sure the best quality and services are provided to well deserving girls everywhere.

In our store you will find anything from awesome hair products to fun fashionable clothing, cute shoes, fashion dolls, bags and accessories, to beauty products, jewelry, and more!

So, please shop around and enjoy being girls!

Hearts and Kisses from B Girlz World!