10 Cute Backpacks for Middle School Girls (Review)

Having a fun, dazzling backpack for your middle school girl is a product that is sure to make her happy and make other kids smile. Getting that “right” backpack for her can also help your daughter express her personality in a hip and creative way.

A cute, yet practical backpack is essential for school. Your girl needs something stylish that can hold all the books, paper, and school supplies that a child takes to and from school without getting ruined. Middle school is sometimes tough when it comes to social pressure.

Whether you are buying an early Christmas present, stocking up on a birthday gift, or getting ready for the next semester, a new backpack is a great way to go.

Let’s talk about the top 10 backpacks perfect for your girl in middle school.

Top 10 Cute Backpacks for Girls:

1st –  Orange Shimmer Pack It All Backpack

This high-quality cute backpack has a shimmery back, a mesh water bottle pocket, and a tablet pocket. It is great for holding bento boxes, snacks, books, and other supplies, and can hold up to even the most homework-filled day. You can also get a cute matching lunch box for the perfect pair. This backpack also comes in blue, green, pink colors, and a mermaid, unicorn, and horse design.

2nd – Mermaid Scales Backpack

Another backpack that is sure to be your child’s favorite. If she likes mermaids, this one is for her. With two zippered pockets that can be full of stuff, a water bottle side pocket, and the clip-on ability to attach the Mermaid Scales Lunchbox, this award-winning backpack is durable, moisture-resistant, and parent-approved.

3rd – Sweet Dreams 12 Inch Backpack

This backpack has your child’s favorite sweet treats all over it and a nice-looking purple background. It comes with kid-friendly zippers, two pockets (one is insulated so you can put lunch and snacks right inside,) and a water bottle side pocket. You can get a matching lunch box as well, and it also comes in 15 inches.

4th – Horses in Pink

This backpack is not only adorable, and durable, but can have an entire Horses in Pink theme. with it.  You can get a matching Horse clock, water bottle, pencil pouch, bedspread and sheets, a towel, and a suitcase. If your daughter loves horses, the Horses in Pink set is not only perfect for school work but also makes the perfect room. The backpack is durable, fits all book and school supply needs, and comes with a water bottle side pocket on each side. There are two different styles of matching lunch boxes that you can get, as well as two different styles of backpacks. This one also is horses with a slightly different design that also looks cute and can have a matching theme as well.

5th – Ballerina Backpack

This soft pink backpack with ballerinas on it is cute, durable, and another parent-approved bag your daughter will love. It has two zippered pockets, a mesh water bottle holder, and a padded back. It has two matching lunch box options, as well as a cute matching lounge pillow and duffel bag. Whether your child is heading to school, spending the night at a friend’s house, or needing a place to carry her tutus,  The Balerina backpack is a great choice for any occasion.

6th – Pink Glitter 15 inch Backpack

Another perfect backpack for your child to take to school. With a nice glittery look, two durable pockets, a mesh water bottle side pocket, and a matching lunch box, your child will be the talk of the playground. This backpack also can be purchased with a matching pencil pouch or toiletry bag, and the backpack itself also comes in a blue glitter color or an orange shimmer.

7th – Butterfly Garden Blue Backpack

Super cute, with durable moisture-resistant nylon lining, this backpack is just perfect for your school or day trip needs. This one has two separate designs for a matching lunch box, as well as a matching sleeping bag, and pillowcase. Your daughter will love this beautiful butterfly backpack.

8th – Dinomite Dinosaurs Backpack

This fun dinosaur-filled backpack is a wonderful addition to the school day with ample room for homework, books, lunch, and school supplies to fit in. It comes with a small front pocket, a water bottle pouch, and a matching lunch box. There are also matching nap mats, sheets, a bedspread, and a pillow lounger. This one and this one are also cute dinosaur backpacks.

9th – Clear with Pink Trim 16 inch Backpack

This neat backpack has many of the same features as many of the other backpacks on the list. A mesh water bottle side pocket, a big pocket to carry all the books and homework, and a small pocket to carry snacks and pencils. It is a clear backpack so you can see everything inside it. It’s a great backpack to bring to school and other places.

10th – Wild Animals 15 Inch Backpack

A great backpack for all your schooling needs. A cute animal design, functional pockets, and a mesh water bottle pocket. This backpack is cute, functional, durable, and a perfect great bag for your daughter.

Many of the products on the list come with matching lunchboxes and matching accessories for your child’s room such as clocks, sleeping bags, sheets, duffel bags, water bottles, pencil pouches, and clothing hampers so look for those as well! There are also some backpacks/mini suitcases on wheels that could also be nice for your child.

Here is a list of the essential items needed in every backpack, and how to pack them the right way. Your child should be able to succeed in school and choosing a cute, yet functional backpack will make all the difference.

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