9 Proven Ways to Help Motivate your Daughter to Enjoy School

mother talking to her daughter, encouraging her to enjoy school

Dealing with unmotivated teens tweens is a challenge, especially when you don’t know how to motivate your daughter to enjoy school or get her homework done. If you’re finding yourself locked in a power struggle and wondering how to motivate your tween, try these 9 tips to inspire and encourage your daughter to enjoy school […]

7 Smart Things You Can Do To Teach Your Daughter About Money and Saving

young girl putting coin into a piggy bank

As a parent you want what’s best for your kids. You want their future to be bright and filled with even more opportunities and financial security and success than you experienced. One of the best ways to help her have that better, brighter future is to teach your daughter about money, and how to save […]

8 Fantastic Ideas for your Daughter’s 10th Birthday Party

young girl blowing out candles on a birthday cake

Your daughter’s 10th birthday party isn’t just any old birthday party — she’s on the cusp of being a full-fledged tween and may be ready to leave behind the cutesy games and cake from previous birthday parties. If you need some help planning the big event, read on for our top eight 10-year-old birthday party […]

7 Ways to Build a Strong Mother Daughter Relationship

Mother daughter relationships are special and need attention and care to grow and stand the test of time. Use these 7 tools to help build a mother daughter relationship that you will flourish even in the teen years and into adulthood. 1. Make Time for One-on-One Time Creating time to be together, just the two […]

Your Daughter’s First Communion Dress and What to Wear (Newbies Guide)

Your Daughter's First Communion Dress and What to Wear (Newbies Guide)

A great deal of meaning is connected to choosing your daughter’s first communion dress. When your oldest daughter reaches the the right age it is a special, sacred time for the family to come together and celebrate her willingness to accept the metaphorical body and blood of Christ. There are many details to attend to […]

20 Fantastic Community Service Ideas for Kids of All Ages (Part 2)

20 community service ideas for kids of all ages

If you’re brainstorming community service ideas for kids then you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a full list of 20 easy community service ideas for kids that the whole family can enjoy together. Easy Community Service Ideas for Kids Community service doesn’t have to be hard to be meaningful. If you’re just […]

10 Fun Volunteer Opportunities for Kids (Part 1)

Featured Image for Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Give your daughter a gift she won’t soon forget, the satisfaction and joy that comes from serving others. Finding volunteer opportunities for kids and a cause that your family can work together to support will bring your family joy, develop self confidence and empathy in your daughter and strengthen your community at the same time. […]

30 Fun Activities to Put on Your Bucket List For Girls (With Printable Summer List!)

30 Fun Activities to Put on Your Bucket List For Girls - BGirlz World

Creating a fun bucket list for girls in your family is a great way to transform all that free summer time into something memorable. Most times, the Summer results in months of endless free time which means endless opportunities for boredom. To make this the best summer yet, we’ve put together the perfect list of […]