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4 Homeschool Room Ideas for Maximum Learning & Enjoyment

Homeschool Room Ideas

Homeschool room ideas have increased in demand due to covid-19 restrictions the past 18 months. More parents than ever are choosing to homeschool this year as well. Whether you are doing pandemic school-at-home or if you’re striking out on your own and homeschooling your crew, it’s vital to have a well organized space for homeschooling […]

Free List of the Top 7 Writing Activities for Your Daughter

Whether it’s summer break and you’re hoping to work on some skills or you’re in the middle of the school year with a extremely reluctant writer, having some fun-writing activities in your arsenal can make all the difference. The key to changing your daughter’s attitude about writing is to help her see that writing can […]

Your Girl With Vitiligo Should Know These 4 Things

Your Girl With Vitiligo Should Know These 4 Things

Your girl with vitiligo is beautiful and should never be defined by this common disorder affecting between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of the population worldwide. Despite being considered common, it can feel incredibly isolating or scary to have your daughter receive this diagnosis, especially if you haven’t had any experience with vitiligo before. Today […]

7 Smart Things You Can Do To Teach Your Daughter About Money and Saving

young girl putting coin into a piggy bank

As a parent you want what’s best for your kids. You want their future to be bright and filled with even more opportunities and financial security and success than you experienced. One of the best ways to help her have that better, brighter future is to teach your daughter about money, and how to save […]

8 Fantastic Ideas for your Daughter’s 10th Birthday Party

young girl blowing out candles on a birthday cake

Your daughter’s 10th birthday party isn’t just any old birthday party — she’s on the cusp of being a full-fledged tween and may be ready to leave behind the cutesy games and cake from previous birthday parties. If you need some help planning the big event, read on for our top eight 10-year-old birthday party […]

Your Daughter’s First Communion Dress and What to Wear (Newbies Guide)

Your Daughter's First Communion Dress and What to Wear (Newbies Guide)

A great deal of meaning is connected to choosing your daughter’s first communion dress. When your oldest daughter reaches the the right age it is a special, sacred time for the family to come together and celebrate her willingness to accept the metaphorical body and blood of Christ. There are many details to attend to […]