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Negative Peer Pressure, How to Help Your Daughter Deal with these 6 Types

Here's How to Help Your Daughter Deal with Negative Peer Pressure

Negative peer pressure is something your daughter will undoubtedly face as she enters the tween and teen years. Her desire to fit in could cause her to give in to negative peer pressure if she doesn’t have the right tools to know how to deal with negative peer pressure. Read on to learn more about […]

9 Proven Ways to Help Motivate your Daughter to Enjoy School

mother talking to her daughter, encouraging her to enjoy school

Dealing with unmotivated teens tweens is a challenge, especially when you don’t know how to motivate your daughter to enjoy school or get her homework done. If you’re finding yourself locked in a power struggle and wondering how to motivate your tween, try these 9 tips to inspire and encourage your daughter to enjoy school […]

30 Fun Activities to Put on Your Bucket List For Girls (With Printable Summer List!)

30 Fun Activities to Put on Your Bucket List For Girls - BGirlz World

Creating a fun bucket list for girls in your family is a great way to transform all that free summer time into something memorable. Most times, the Summer results in months of endless free time which means endless opportunities for boredom. To make this the best summer yet, we’ve put together the perfect list of […]

The 8 Best Cute Nails For Little Girls

Looking for the best ideas for cute nails for little girls? Look no further, we’ve scoured the internet for the best mother daughter resources for nail stickers, kids nail polish and books of nail art ideas for you to try with your little princess. Nail stickers There are tons of ideas for cute nails for […]

Top 10 Fun Slumber Party Ideas & Activities For Girls, Tweens & Teens

top 10 girl sleepover craft ideas and tween activities for a memorable fun night

Looking for fun slumber party ideas for your girl and her friends? Whether you are a mom looking for inspiration for your little girl, tween or teen in need of great ideas for your next sleepover, with this list we’ve got you set! Here are 10 fabulous sleepover ideas for crafts and activities your daughter […]