4 Homeschool Room Ideas for Maximum Learning & Enjoyment

Homeschool room ideas have increased in demand due to covid-19 restrictions the past 18 months. More parents than ever are choosing to homeschool this year as well. Whether you are doing pandemic school-at-home or if you’re striking out on your own and homeschooling your crew, it’s vital to have a well organized space for homeschooling success. While you may not have the luxury of dedicating an entire room of your house to homeschooling you CAN effectively organize and beautify a homeschool space with certain pieces of furniture and supplies.

Read on to see what furniture basics will make all the difference in creating a fun, lovely and organized homeschool room for a great school year.

Create a Command Center for Your Homeschool

Create a Command Center for Your Homeschool

A command center — somewhere to have a calendar and to display what you are currently learning goes a long way in helping keep the homeschool room focused. Will you be doing memorization? Studying geography and maps? Learning about famous pieces of art? All of these topics would benefit from having a central space to visually display the topics and schedule for the year. A command center can work with your home decor and style and doesn’t have to look out place even if your homeschool room is your dining room.

Would a vintage blackboard look great in your home? How about a white board, framed posters, or a blank wall for tacking up your visuals in an aesthetic way? Choose a wall in your house to serve as the command central for your homeschool year. This is the place to beautify your learning and help keep you on track — it’s easier to memorize daily if the memorization is on the wall for all to see! It’s easier to go over the continents or study the masters if they are visually within reach of where you are studying.

Look for inspiration for the right type of command center style for your homeschool– all you need is a blank wall to get it started today!

Decorations that Double As Learning Tools

When it comes to choosing decor for your homeschool room, look for decorations that can double as a learning tool. Globes come in all sizes, styles and colors and can look beautiful on a mantel or shelf in any room. If your homeschoolers are young, you don’t have to stick with the old primary colored ABC charts, there are many options and styles in various pallets online and from artists on Etsy.

Hang up beautiful art that matches the time period you are studying in history, put a row of lovely children’s books on display to invite your readers to pick them up. Just because your decorations become a little more practical doesn’t mean they have to be any less beautiful. Having an inviting and lovely homeschool room or space in your house will help your kids feel that they have a special, comfortable place for their learning.

If your homeschool room has a special space for displaying art or treasures from nature then you’re not only inviting your children to learn but you’re creating a special, beautiful place just for your homeschool.

Bookshelves In the Homeschool Room

Bookshelves In the Homeschool Room

Like a good command space, a good solid bookshelf centers the homeschool room with all the tools and curriculum your child needs right at their level. Organizing a homeschool room can’t be accomplished nearly as easily without a good bookshelf, you’ll find it’s an indispensable tool in getting your homeschool room ready. Consider dedicating a certain shelf for each child and their own curriculum. It will be much easier for your daughter to find her math books or the chapter book she’s currently reading when it has a dedicated spot on the bookshelf.

Less pretty — but necessary — school items like math manipulatives or scissors and tape can easily be stored in decorative baskets on the school shelves. Schooling at home is much easier if kids don’t have to go running around the house in search of school supplies, so keeping it all together on a bookshelf will help you and the kids stay on task. Setting up the bookshelf with all the books you’ll read for the year, or organizing the shelves by the topics you’ll study is a great way to get the kids excited and interested in the new school year.

Add Some Fun

You remember back-to-school night when you were a kid, right? The excitement of meeting your teacher and seeing the place you’d be learning for the rest of the year. The teachers always puts a lot of care and detail into making their space colorful, fun and inviting. As homeschool moms we have the same opportunity to add some fun to our homeschool room and make it an inviting place to hang out. Littles would love a colorful rug that can double as a play space when their work is done. Your older kids might love the fun of a moveable cart with all their school supplies and books on display that they can move into their own space for quiet learning away from younger siblings.

So many art supplies are too pretty to be hidden behind cupboard doors so add markers and crayons to clear jars and containers to instantly add fun pops of color to your space. Just as a teacher would put up artwork or holiday fun that the kids make in the classroom, you too can display the creations of your kids in your special homeschool room or space. Watch as feel pride and ownership in their learning when they see it all on display for others to enjoy as well.

Being a homeschool mom is a great privilege and opportunity for you to grow closer to your kids and make memories together. Having an organized homeschool room that you can enjoy being in with your kids is a great way to build up excitement for a school year, create a space conducive to learning and to keep you organized for all you do as teacher to your kids.

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