5 Creative & Fun Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Coming up with fun mother daughter date ideas the older your child becomes can be tricky. Having a strong mother daughter bond doesn’t just happen overnight. As you know, having the type of relationship where your daughter likes spending time with you and is willing to come to you with her problems requires a lot of time, love and trust. If you’re looking to improve your mother daughter relationship or just to keep it strong, plan a fun mother daughter date with one of these ideas.

Choosing a Mother Daughter Date Idea

Make sure that when you’re thinking of a date night for the two of you that you think first about what your daughter would love. Could you theme an entire night around one of her interests or hobbies? Ask her opinion too — if she could go on any mother daughter date what would she choose? You might be surprised!

Come up with ideas for mother daughter days out and mother daughter days spent indoors. These activities don’t have to cost a lot of money but they should be something fun and out of the ordinary that you can both anticipate doing together. Consider making these dates a tradition; once a month or trade off with dad, take your daughter out for some valuable one-on-one time and watch your relationship flourish.

Mother Daughter Picnic At Home

Mother Daughter Picnic At Home

The Setting: There’s no place like home for this special picnic! Whether you’re in your backyard or the living room, a picnic at home is easy to pull off. A little bit of effort goes a long way in helping your daughter feel special so take an extra minute to pull out a strand of Christmas lights for ambiance, lay out a blanket on the floor and have a playlist of picnic songs to listen to. She’ll feel so special knowing that you went to all the extra effort just for her.

The Food: Charcuterie boards are all the rage and they are fun to put together too. If your daughter would enjoy the creative fun of styling a tray of food then involve her in the shopping and set up for your picnic feast. Snack foods like pretty fruits, crackers, pretzels and chocolates are beautiful and delicious finger foods to enjoy. Mini sandwiches or just simple cheese and crackers with fresh vegetables will add lovely color to your charcuterie. Bottled drinks add a touch of fancy and dipped strawberries or her favorite dessert will be the perfect food to end your picnic.

The Activity: Picnics lend themselves to great conversation while snacking, print out a list of fun would-you-rather questions to keep the conversation fun and flowing. If your daughter enjoys board games make sure to have some on hand for when the eating is done. Make sure to take a selfie together to remember your magical mother daughter picnic date!

Mother Daughter Spa Day

The Setting: You could enjoy a magical spa day of the DIY variety right at home or by splurging and going to a family-friendly spa or salon with your daughter. If you plan on staying home (less money and more one-on-one time!) then make sure the siblings are out with dad or grandma so you can have a relaxing day to yourselves. Put together a playlist of relaxing ocean sounds or peaceful piano music for the full spa feel.

The Food: Spa day means fancy foods! You can go with the picnic-inspired charcuterie board or splurge on take-out that you can enjoy while your toenail polish dries! The food should lend to the relaxing atmosphere, so low-prep but delicious is the way to go.

The Activity: A spa day wouldn’t be complete without going through homemade facials. You can purchase all sorts of fun facial masks to try or make your own using kitchen ingredients. Make sure you’re both in comfy clothes or bathrobes to add to the spa atmosphere. Make time for manicures and pedicures together and pick out a new nail polish color ahead of time for extra fun.

Outdoorsy Mother Daughter Date Ideas

The Setting: Try something you’ve never done together before in the great outdoors. Do you live near an amazing biking or walking path? A state or national park? A beautiful lake or pond? The options are limitless with dates in nature. Do a quick google search to discover some new places to visit near you.

The Food: Food that’s easy to pack-and-go will make this date night a success. Grab some subs on your way out or pack sack lunches and make sure to bring plenty of water. Being in nature often involves being active so make sure to bring great snacks for when hunger hits.

The Activity: See if there is an outdoor rental place near you if you want to try a new sport. Rentals often have bikes, tandem bikes, kayaks and canoes, snowshoes and more. Hiking is free and doesn’t require any special equipment and you could always bring your own bikes, scooters or rollerblades to a nearby path. Whatever you choose you’ll have fun learning a new skill or enjoying time outdoors together.

Crafty Mother Daughter Date Ideas

Crafty Mother Daughter Date

The Setting: Planning a mother daughter date that involves getting crafty can happen at home or at a local business. If you aren’t the crafty type see what local arts and craft stores are offering. Art stores often have paint-along nights, a bakery might have a cake decorating night and ceramics stores let you come in and paint your own pieces.

The Food: If you’re heading out for your night of crafting then eat before you go and pick up dessert when you are done. If you’re staying home consider ordering in dinner or having a tub of your favorite ice cream on hand so you can focus your efforts on the masterpieces you are making.

The Activity: Pinterest is a great place to search for the perfect crafts for a mother daughter date. A quick google search or call to local business will let you know if there is a class you could take together. If you’re feeling spontaneous head to the craft store and wander the aisles together looking for inspiration and pick out your supplies right then to bring home and create something cool. You can make a project together like a wreath for the front door or a family scrapbook or you can each choose your favorite craft of choice and do your own activity together.

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